My long time V8 wagon project

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Re: My long time V8 wagon project

by Harv » Fri Apr 14, 2023 8:33 am

Bugger. Good that it's a short list, but painful none the less.

It's interesting how every engineer interprets the rules differently. NCOP makes mandatory requirements for welding on suspension and steering components. I guess your engineer felt the crossmember was a suspension component. It could be worse... the Mandatory requirements for those are a report including:
- material specifications of the component to be modified;
- a specification of weld material and compatibility with the parent material if welding is
- description and/or diagrams of the preparation of the component if welding is involved;
- details of weld procedure used including method of weld procedure qualification if
welding is involved;
- details of welder qualifications and method of qualification if welding is involved;
- details of preheating used if required prior to the modification;
- details of heat treatment procedure after modification;
- hardness testing before and after modification of the modified zone; and
- results of non destructive testing.
Glad he didn't ask you for all that.

For the testing, the home kit he is referring to is probably dye penetrant. Clean everything up immaculate (no paint), spray on the detector, then spray on the developer. The developer gets stuck in any cracks. The workshop version is probably mag particle. It can be done through paint, though is more accurate if the paint is off. You magnetise the part, put particles on it and see how they "line up" around hidden defects.

The mag wheel bit is fairly picky. He is correct... NCOP requires alloy wheels to be compliant to either Wheel Industries Association (Australia) (WIA), Standards Association of Australia (SAA), TÜV or JIS. The frustrating bit is that so very, very few wheels comply (I would wager a carton of beer that none of Clay's stash of 60's, 70's and 80's rims is compliant).

Good luck with the rectification works.

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Re: My long time V8 wagon project

by claysummers » Fri Apr 14, 2023 8:43 am

We live on the edge here in SA. Don't even mention my spoggy shit chassis welding......

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Re: My long time V8 wagon project

by 64v8wagon » Fri Apr 14, 2023 3:24 pm

thanks fellas. The way he explained the weld test was if it fell off would someone die? The rack mounts are welded to the xmember so if it fell off someone would die. And yes I think the crack test stuff is just a spray type. I had a fair idea the wheels would fail. And yes all those wheels from way back would be shit canned today and yes there are plenty on the market people are not aware that do not comply. All the welding stuff mentioned in the NCOP for suspension I think relates to cast items more so.
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by Spaghettijet » Wed Nov 08, 2023 5:16 pm

Inter3sting comment if it fell off would it kill someone, I guess anything that falls off the front end could kill someone, that might even be the ball joint separating. What ifs, I’ve had similar issues with my car but thankfully nothing about the welds. Then again the front end I’m running is certified, but I’ve had wheel issues, track issues, tires issues and now weight issues, I’m hopeful I can get my over by the end of the year too.
Good luck!
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Re: My long time V8 wagon project

by 64v8wagon » Fri Nov 17, 2023 5:40 pm

Well more talking with the engineer and a few other things have come to light. Need to swap the steering column as well. It has to be approved. So thanks to Doc he has put me on to Rod & Custom in the sunshine state and my engineer is happy with that. Need to remove the one I have and measure to see if one of theirs will fit. If not it will be a Bilett works unit, but at twice the price I’m hoping the other one will work. I waited for over a month for a reply from the engineer (replied after another email saying he thought he had answered and apologised) so that has put an end to having it done this year.
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