Nominations for improved cooling head gasket - 3rd round

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Nominations for improved cooling head gasket - 3rd round

by Harv » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:25 am

Ladies and gents,

It seems that there is still some demand from people wanting the cylinder head gaskets, so I will do another round (I've had 250 made so far). Same deal as the last two times: ... =28&t=5882

Rough timing for the process:
a) I'll collect expressions of interest from these forum posts. I need at least 50 nominations to make a gasket run. Not sure how long it will take to get 50 nominations - please be patient.
b) Once we have 50 nominations, tor those who express an interest, you get a month to pony up the funds to me. First time round I only had two guys who didn't bother paying, last time round only one late payer.
c) I'll place the order, and AA Gaskets will let us know the timing.
d) When the gaskets arrive, I'll parcel them up in plywood (like last time) and send them to you. Note that it is cheaper if you combine postage with a few mates, or as a Club.

Harv (deputy apprentice gasket scraper).
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