Advice on Convo Pro Wheel Size Required

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Advice on Convo Pro Wheel Size Required

by EHPREMIER » Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:08 pm

Hi Guys,

I am looking at putting bigger wheels on the Premier, the good news for me is that the Convo Pro's are listed on Ebay to fit 5-108 PCD, they have 15 x 6", 7" & 8.5" listed, ok I have a standard diff but have an HR Disc brake front end, my thoughts are:

Front = 15 x 6" have 3.5 BS with 205's

Rear = 15 x 7" have 3.5 BS with 225's

OR prefferably 15 x 8.5" have 5" BS with 225's

My question is will 15 x 8.5" go under the arse end without any rubbing, would have like to put 15 x 8" on the back but there are none listed.

Any advice on what will fit would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Jack :)
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