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149 Fan Belt

by EJ_VE_EH » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:35 pm

Replaced the fan belt on my stock 149 over the weekend.
The local parts store didn't list EH, only back till HD. So I bought an HD belt, hoping it was the same........it wasn't !

The HD belt would more than likely suit any red motor running an alternator. I'm still running a generator, and the belt needs to be longer.
I think the previous owner used one of these belts, and it was very difficult to remove. It's important not to have the belt too tight on the old generators or it pulls it out of alignment and prematurely wears bushes and brushes.

Anyway, the HD belt was 11A0890. After several return trips to the auto shop, I found that the 11A0925 is perfect. Sits right in the middle of the adjustment range. I think the last 3 digits represent the length of the belt, so it seems that a 925mm belt is what is necessary.

I hope this helps someone.
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