Wanted: early Holden collapsible column

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Wanted: early Holden collapsible column

by Harv » Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:20 am

I'm starting to pull together the bits for the meth monster project - Norman blown, McGee injected, Repco headed, dry sumped FB Holden. Aim of this one is to keep it fairly period-correct, and to minimise the changes as much as possible. Aiming to keep the kingpin front end, and steering box.

A collapsible column will be mandatory though for the engineering. Had a good chat to George at Alien Retro, and looks like he can make up a replacement FB column for me to mate to the steering box, fully collapsible, and engineered. Happy days. Not cheap, but directionaly the way I want to go.

I'll need to provide George my FB column, and he also needs an early Holden collapsible column. Anyone got an early Holden collapsible column they can part with? Probably don't need to box or wheel, more the guts and mount.

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